Scouting For Food

Scouting Food - November 17th Pick-Up is a GO!


After careful consideration, the Alameda Council (along with our neighboring councils) has agreed to move forward with the November 17 - Scouting For Food pick-up as planned. Due to the extreme logistical issues with a re-schedule and the critical need from the food bank - our community is counting on us.


We are advising Scouts to participate ONLY if they feel comfortable and capable with the current air quality conditions and to protect themselves as needed. We are REQUIRING that all participants use a properly fitting and appropriate N95 face mask during the effort on Saturday morning (BTW: Kaiser is providing FREE masks at their facility on Santa Clara Avenue). We encourage Scouts to RIDE along with their drivers during pick-up to avoid additional exertion.


We completely understand that this is a difficult decision for all and that we do not want to endanger our Scouting family. Scouting For Food is the single largest food drive in our community and we have hundreds of Alameda families depending on our efforts this holiday season and through out the new year with our efforts tomorrow.


A Scout is BRAVE. Be safe.